Interview with Kelle Bryan | Actor and CEO of Advocate Agency

Welcome to a brand new interview.

I recently chatted with my friend, my agent and actor Kelle Bryan. Kelle and I have known each other for many years, so it was lovely to have a chat about things I did know and learn lots I didn't.

Kelle has had a diverse and interesting career- some of her 'highlights' may have been part of your 90s' soundtrack.

These days you may be more familiar with her from her many roles on screen, her position of leadership in business or her extensive charity work. Kelle won the Precious Awards' 2015 Leadership Award. 

I hope you enjoy the interview.

NB: The interview was shot during bad weather last September and occasionally the sound is a little fuzzy but stick with it, you don't want to miss the great nuggets Kelle shares.

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What do you do and tell me about your working life? 

We would be here for a very long time, but I will try to edit it as much as I possibly can. So I am CEO of Advocate Agency and my career started in a pop group call Eternal. So I have found a way to fuse my on and off camera life to make it work for me and my family. 

So the early days?

It's funny becuase my mum said, from the time I was in her tummy she knew that if I was a girl I was going to be a dancer and if I was a boy I would be a footballer, because all I did in her tummy was kick, punch and was very active. So she said she knew from very early, I was going to be a very active child. 

Kelle Bryan interview

I've always wanted to be in more control of how I spend my time and that's what doing what I do gives me. The luxury of being able to say, I would like to take this job and I wouldn't like to take this job. This job suits my lifestyle, this job doesn't. Creatively, I am so fortunate to do what I love for a living, it is my passion, if I was doing it for free, I would still do what I do. I love watching and championing talent and watching talent just grow- people being able to achieve what they want to. It's so wonderful because I have just been nominated for a leadership award for the Precious Awards and so having to go through this process and collecting testimonials has been so humbling to listen to the journey I have been able to climb with people's lives and hearing their stories is just so rewarding. This is why I do what I do. I feel very fortunate to be part of people's lives and their career journeys. 

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