Calling all introverts | £50 off until the end of April

Fresh from the bank holiday, I am fizzing with ideas (see previous post) and I hope you are too. 

In celebration of this I am offering £50 off my ‘Going to the next level as an introvert’ course. 

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The truth is I want to make it easy for you because let’s face it, your mindset will probably make it hard enough. 

‘Can I actually do this?’ 

‘What if it is rubbish?’ 

‘How can I compete- everyone else knows what they are doing’. 

I have some short answers for you. 


You have to start somewhere. 

You can and everyone is figuring it out. 

Due to the nature of what I do; acting, coaching, speaking, writing and being a mum I get a lot of feedback. I can see the reaction on people’s faces. I can see a change of ‘Hmmm, maybe it could be a possibly?’ Or maybe there could be an alternative. 

I don’t want to sound like an idiot but I get a lot of emails and messages saying ‘You are so inspiring’. Which is lovely. But… I don’t feel like that.

In fact I don’t have magic powers. I have down days. Confused days. Days where everything feels heavy, unworkable and exhausting. 

However the difference is I show up regardless.

I still create, design, speak, write, do the work and make stuff happen aka do the hustle, baby. 

For many years though I didn’t. I held myself back. I played small. I kept things safe. I didn’t even join the game because I didn’t think I had a chance of winning…why bother if you are going to be disappointed anyway…

Now for fun, let’s discuss some of the limiting beliefs…

  • I am too ginger. Yep, ginger. My hair colour has plagued me throughout my life and invited so many comments, mean behaviour and limitations. Too of many of which I actually spent time listening to. 


  • I will probably look a bit chubby. I am a size 10-12. I am curvy. I am quite short. I need to make clever choices when dressing for film work. But this is all workable. Plus I am an actor or being myself so I need to do what is required aka using my voice and brain


  • Maybe by chance my dream life will find me?! It won’t. Firstly you need to show up…even if it is from your sofa, introverts. Secondly you need to take action; to email, to connect, to talk, to collaborate, to say stuff out loud and do something about it (even though that sounds totally obvious). 


  • There isn’t any more room. The market is full. It isn’t. Someone needs to hear what you have to say in your way. I would love to be a mummy blogger in dungarees but I would look like my Mam has dressed me for a school play if I did (see point 2). I know my combination of skills is helping others and there is a greater purpose. For example I didn’t start a blog for the ‘free stuff’. The free stuff is few and far between and by the way on a side note, if doesn’t half rile me when bloggers open hundreds of pounds worth of free, amazing goodies and just say ‘Er, yeah…I got this…it’s cute’ Ermmm firstly I think you need to remember your manners and say thank you! 

Now I choose to hear these limiting beliefs as they still creep in but ignore them and replace with something more positive. 

If you are going to the next level and doubting yourself, feel free but then move forward. 

This course will help you go to the next level on your terms. This is not a ‘formula’ aka do X,Y, Zand you will gain 1 million subscribers and 6 figure launches in a day. 

But it will help you to define your success on your terms and create things you didn’t think were possible and importantly get them out there.

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