Sometimes we think too much instead of just being instinctive

This happened yesterday.

The particular shot we were working was being shot on one camera. The first shot was on me and the reverse shot was of the 50 plus extras. When the cameras turned around we needed the extras to not only react in the same way as the previous shot but with consistency as a group. 

The director asked me if I would just chat to them; entertain them, make them laugh, shock them, tell a few tales... 'Sure' I replied. Without actually thinking about it. My response is always to help where I can so we can get the job done. 

As I had to make a snap decision to just decide... the words suddenly flew out of my mouth. I focused on delivering and doing the best that I could. If I had had more time than that I would have freaked out, frozen and questioned everything! 

Sometimes we can listen to the rational, emotional part of our brain... the bit that holds us back, that makes us ask too many questions, that doubts our instinct. Instead of just going for it.

My clients always need help taking the first i.e. switching modes... starting to listen to the 'Sure, let's do it' rather than the 'What if fearful side'.

Let's face it we can always find a million and one reasons why we shouldn't do something.

Where are you holding back and questioning instead of taking action?