How to shake up your boundaries

Do you find that you get yourself into tricky situations sometimes? You agreed to something that you didn't really want to do. You have a scary wake up call in the case of an unexpected bill or conversation. You have to then quickly figure it out fast.

This video is to help prepare you for your next chapter. Perhaps you are upgrading things at the moment; your business systems, your wardrobe, your self care. A shake up is good but can be scary. What if we fail? What if we don't know what to do? What will 'people' say?

Here are five very practical strategies you can follow right now. 

The War of Art | Book recommendation / review

If you are looking for a book to kick start your artistic, creative career, look no further, by the final page you will be raring to go.

Steven discusses the act of ‘resistance’ which manifests itself in ‘self doubt’ ‘procrastination’ ‘lack of motivation’ ‘negative mind chatter’ etc etc. All experiences many of us indulge.

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

He talks about moving from amateur to professional in terms of mind set. He gives examples of how becoming a professional can change your results, your habits and your decisions.

I found the book very useful. There are many stories along the way that do trigger thoughts of ‘Oh yes, I did that’ and ‘So…that’s why I didn’t get the gig’. He helps you to highlight your own processes and quickly gives you tools to tweak and enhance them. A must read for all creatives; actors, writers, singers, jugglers etc! Even if you think you are not a creative but would like to be, this is book will encourage you to explore further and engage your talent.

Purchase or find out more below by clicking below

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

How do I pay you?

'Book a discovery call'
'Send me an email to find out how we can work together'
'Visit my contact page and fill in the form'

I talk about this in module two of my Personal Brand Plan in detail but I wanted to share some free strategies today. This is not necessarily about pricing i.e. you don't have to share your prices but I, as your potential customer do need to know what I can expect...the process and whether we are going to be a fit. 

When we are expanding and looking for extra support we need to quickly get to the decision stage... to book, to pay, to collaborate. Sometimes when I have been looking for this support, I have found it frustrating that I can't move forward sharpish. 

My time is so limited these days so I need to act quickly. If you are not sharing how we can pay you, you are losing out. You are losing the potential customer who has landed on your website and losing out on the sale because you are not sharing what you do. 

Soooo share examples, results, benefits and nitty gritty.... You can access the course immediately (perfect if you have an extra pair of hands today) and join us for the live online session on Tuesday at 7:45pm. DM for a cheeky discount code. All the details are here >> 

The secret weapon shoes

I can't believe I have never talked about these numbers which have been in my wardrobe for maybe 10+ years.

They were purchased from Office in an impulsive moment at a reduced price but I knew they had to come home with me.

Despite being silver.

Despite being higher than the moon- I learnt the hard way; they are not for stomping around on a bar crawl (however much you drink to numb the pain). They are more suitable for laying down ! (Don't worry there isn't going to be a gross TMI here- MP isn't keen on them and 'doesn't get them') 😂

Despite being highly impractical, they remain in my wardrobe for me and for others mainly during photo shoots when we need to be FUCKING UNAPOLOGETIC. 

Sorry to get all was the shoes talking. 

Theeeese shoes make you stand up and look sharp. 
They make you feel like you are coming up through the stage like you are a Smash Hits poll winners' nominee from 93'

They basically make you step into you...where you are shining the brightest when you are not worried about what others think, or you are stifled with fear or when you doubt yourself. 
The shoes have powers...available to borrow when needed. 
They are a size 5 but I have been known to help a size 7 lady tip toe in them whilst I crouched on the floor provided a support.

This is just one of my confidence tools when I know I need to 'own it'

More here: 

Interview with Sunita from Lucky Things | Video

This week I was lucky enough to interview Sunita from Lucky Things.

Lucky Things shares stories and top tips on juggling your career, confidence, wellbeing, life and style.

With over 15 years corporate experience in HR, people development and coaching, Sunita has helped others to learn more about leading their careers and growing their confidence. 

Every part of her career kaleidoscope has led to the next; building amazing networks and taking up opportunities to work with talented people.

Her career has spanned across working in magazines, fashion, the music industry, DJing and corporate city life.

She now run my own HR consultancy Collective Insight.

She is a connector. Sunita connects people with others and also with things they might enjoy.

In 2016, she set up the social and networking events the Lucky Things Meet Ups where women also take something away for their own personal development. More sell-out events are taking place in London, Bristol, Manchester and Brighton this year. Check out #LuckyThingsMeetUp on Instagram to see the feedback so far. 

In this interview we talk all about: 

How your skills and experience have informed what you do now

Designing your working week so it works for you

Creativity and motherhood

How you remain productive

Recommendations for other who want to make big moves

How to get out of your own way 

Importance of community and collaboration.

Sunita has been voted as one of the Top London Mummy Bloggers... you can find out more here

Toddler Munch by Karina Campbell

Photo credit: Daniela Cadore

Main Photo (Photo credit: Katrina Campbell)

Thank you so much Sunita.




Review of my Blue Yeti Microphone

This is one of the most vital elements of my business and was kindly given to me by my friend @kellebryan. 

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • It is easy to use... it has a USB that I plug into my Mac and an on/off button and that is pretty much it. Yes, there is a settings button but I keep it on the same setting the whole time so it is so straight forward


  • It is robust but doesn't take up too much room. I can keep it on my desk but also shove in a cupboard. Plus it doesn't have to be packed away in an awkward box every time. 


  • I have an idea...I make it happen! Sure if I waited to hire a recording studio I may have a better quality of sound as I would be surrounded by experts but sometimes I need to create something now. 


  • I enjoy watching reactions. Anyone who comes to our house can't refuse a little fiddle and a little private go 'Testing testing.. 1, 2, 3'. It greatly amuses me. 


  • It improves sound quality; for making videos, creating audio files and if I am being interviewed for a podcast. 

I would really recommend it. Find out more and current prices here.

Behind the scenes of my headshots | 6/6

6/6 and went for pink! I know- I wasn't sure either at first but I think it works. I know it will work 'in the box' which is the audition casting submission box as hopefully it will pop. Just a black vest in a photo makes me look like I had to urgently get dressed to answer the door or someone who had won a competition (not based on talent/physique) to star in Chicago on a 'make your dreams come true' type show.

You may notice a little hint of 🍉🍉I had stopped breast feeding a couple of weeks before so ideally would have waited a few weeks. But you know what, however long I arsed around, it was never going to be the right time. I could always find something to make me delay. Hopefully this little series will give you that shove to crack on; it may be upgrading your shots, videos, website, branding. It is never going to feel perfect. So take the pressure off, take the first step and do what you need to do

How to take a leap and conquer your comfort zone

The programme ‘The Island’ was a firm favourite in my house a few years back. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, here it is in a nutshell.

Bear Grylls (ultimate survivor/ an adult version of the boy scout who is totally fearless) drops (casually anchors the boat and the occupants have to swim to the shore through invested waters carrying everything they own) a group of women and a group of men to neighbouring, uninhabited islands that are nestled in the Pacific ocean. Each group has a supply of water to last them for 24 hours, a selection of tools, the clothes they stand up in and each other.

Over the next 6 weeks, each group has to find ways and means to not only survive but thrive. Daily duties include building a fire, collecting water (which then must be sterilised on the fire in order to be consumed- hence the fire is being a necessity) and finding a tropical selection of food. On the menu could be anything from a limpet or snail or a fish or snail or even a Caymen crocodile if they are lucky/brave enough. 

This programme has indulged my interest in people watching and group dynamics as the contestants are tested by the treacherous and unpredictable conditions. The inhospitable island takes it toll on its inhabitants one by one – despite the sturdy personalities of some. Several weeks of very little water and even less food can very quickly take your eye off the prize.

As a lover of the Enid Blyton Famous Five books, I would like to think I would enjoy this raw, adventurous, trying experience, however I know myself too well. Yes, I have survived many Glastonbury’s- soaking wet tents/clothes/shoes etc etc and toxic toilets, however festivals remain on the right side of my comfort zone. 

I wanted to explore the area of ‘comfort zone’. In advertising terms, ‘comfort’ evokes many images- cosy duvets, Christmas around the table with an abundance of food and wine, log fires, your favourite jogging bottoms with a snuggly jumpers and decadent hot drinks consumed from the perfect mug. 

However the comfort zone of everyday life is usually far more personal and individuals have their own version of what it looks like.

Here are a few testers:

  • Speaking in public

  • Asking a fairly simplistic question in a group situation which may be seen as ‘obvious’ and therefore make us look stupid

  • Saying no “what will people think, will they say I am selfish?”

  • Starting something new with no guarantees, just a dollop of faith and guts

  • Questioning our own personal margins, when we may have been told “we couldn’t do x / you are not the sort of person to do ‘y’/ what if ‘z’ goes wrong. 

I would like to share with you my 5 strategies that you can experiment with as part of the process of stepping outside your comfort zone. 

1) Acknowledge

Notice what you notice. Don’t be afraid of admitting your fear (you don’t have to do this to an entire room in an AA way, simply to yourself). Notice the signs of the uncomfortable line- what happens to your breathing? How does your body language change? What mind chatter seems to creep in? Which unhelpful behaviour or habits start to reveal themselves? 

2) Break down the process

Where are you on a scale of 1-10? If '10' is conquering the task, how close are you? What number are you currently sitting on? 

Create a timeline from 1-10 and break down the process. Write down the ten step that would you need to take to get you there. 

3) The next number

What actions do you need to take to take you to the next number on the time line. When do you want to get there by? 

Create some action steps for yourself. Be specific in what you want to achieve and start today. 

4) What support can you put in place? 

What gets you in the zone? Getting yourself into optimum preparation mode can dramatically increase your results so start to create your tool kit. 

Here are a few to try

  • Create a playlist of music that gets you motivated and ready!

  • Remind yourself of your 'why'. Why do you want to achieve this? What will you gain? Take a look at the big picture but also the daily impact. 

  • Create an environment that works for you. 

  • Remind yourself of a positive experience or a time when you excelled or exceeded your expectations. 

5) Copy those who have done it and take action

Imagine your role model or someone you admire? What would he/she do in your situation? How would he/she move forward? What information or strategies can you heed from their story? 

What would you do if you were the best in the world at what you did? 

Create a brain storm to find some solutions that you could take and make a plan. 

How to get that Friday feeling every day

It is Friday and no doubt you will be thinking about your weekend plans.

I have been recently asking friends and family:

‘What does Friday mean to you?’ ‘Describe the Friday feeling’

and the results were fairly similar. 

It didn’t matter if they were retired, at school, in a corporate job or running their own business, the answers were:

‘I love that feeling of the weekend upon us’ ‘Friday afternoon can’t come quick enough’ ‘Saturday morning lie ins are the best’ ‘ After a long week, I can’t wait for that first glass of wine’.

Friday mornings are very different to Monday mornings. You may have already received a text saying ‘Wooooo, it’s Friday’. When you head out, it is likely you will see more smiles, people will be friendlier and more accommodating.

As I work for myself, my work is more flexible. I create my own hours and design my working week. I can work when I want. Sometimes, I am most inspired to write at 6am so I get up, make a pot of tea and start typing whilst the house is quiet. In a typical 8 hour day, my work could potentially finish at 2pm and leave me time to go out and do other things.

However, a 9-5 job doesn’t offer that. It is great at creating structure and a consistent salary but doesn’t allow alternative options. What if you are not a morning person and would prefer to work 12-8pm, what happens then? Or if you are a single parent and the only one who can pick your child up from school at 3:15pm? A friend told me that in his office, they start to look forward to Friday on a Wednesday ‘Half way there…’. This makes me sad. 

During your seven day week, how much of it do you look forward to? How much do you enjoy? Do you like your job? Or are you craving some more of what you love?

When you consider this time next year, do you still want to have this lifestyle?

You may love your job or it may be a constant dread?

Often life isn’t about huge changes ‘See you guys, I’m leaving, I have bought a caravan and I am moving to Mexico’, but it is about making small tweaks to make to day to day more pleasurable. 

1)   What do you love about your week? When do you feel in your element? What are your strengths? When you do you feel great?

What do you look forward to? Explore the specifics- if it is ‘being creative’ break it down. What does creative mean to you? What tasks are you doing? Why do you like?

2)   What do you dislike? Which parts of your week invite that sicky, nervous feeling deep in your belly? What keeps you awake at night?

What make you fearful? What tasks make you morph into your 9 year old self who wants to ask their mum and dad if they can stay at home and just watch telly today?

3)   What would your ideal situation look? Early finishes? Flexible houses? Working from home one day a week? More money? Moving departments or perhaps something completely different? Write down what you would like and what it would look like if you could pick and choose? 

4) What could you do? Start to generate some options of way you could make it happen. Jot down ideas and keep writing until you can’t think of any more and think out the box.

5)   Ask. Just ask. You don’t have anything to lose and you may end up getting the result you want. Carefully consider your strategy and support it with benefits for you and the company/team/organization and propose your idea. Don’t get stuck in the fear and you may end up creating a solution that will bring excellent value to all.