Nicky Raby

The shot above was taken in a split second. I was wearing ridiculously high shoes (amazing but ridiculous), it was a freezing, icy December day and I decided to see if I could balance on a precarious set of steps. It was a juggling act- but I stuck a smile on my face, lifted my head high and hoped for the best.

Kind of how life can feel really. Sometimes no matter how great everything looks on the outside, on the inside we might feel like we are 'winging it' or in fact have no idea what we are doing.

These days I have an expansive, interesting, creative portfolio career; I'm an actor, life coach, writer, speaker and a mum. I am all about doing what you love and less of what you don't. 

However it wasn't always like this. In fact if you had asked me at 25 what I would be doing in ten years from now, I wouldn't have believed you. 

  • That I would still be with the man I have just started having drunken chats with...

  • That we would have a beautiful son together

  • That we would live together in our ideal part of London and be creatively fulfilled

  • That I could have an eclectic, creative, thriving career that allows me to be a present parent and nurture my ambition. But also help others to create their own version of success. 

Yes. I am a life coach. I sometimes can't believe it either. The clues were there from an early age; a love of self development, a passion for helping and supporting others, finding a solution to get s&^t done... this was much needed as I am from a small town in Lincolnshire which can be limited in opportunities so I had to think and dream big.

However I didn't look like a life coach and still don't (I probably won't high five you, I don't have perfect hair all the time and I don't work from a sun lounger overlooking the Indian Ocean). Oh and I definitely don't wear a patronising pashima and give you ALL the eyes 'Now let's make you feel all judged and confirm you have no idea what you are doing with your life'. No no no...

The truth is when I first looked into life coaching, the irony was I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I was a jobbing actor with no regular acting jobs, I was juggling oodles of temp jobs to just about get by, I hate where I lived, I lost 3 of my grandparents in quick succession. If I am honest, most of the time I wanted to watch continuous box sets and hide under my duvet.

On the other hand, I am fiercely ambitious and incredibly motivated. I work really hard and also do what I say I am going to do. I wasn't very good at 'waiting for the phone to ring' to give me permission to start living my 'dream life'.

I knew I had to figure it out. I knew what I wanted to create: 

  • A way to combine my passions; to spend most of my time doing stuff that made me feel good

  • A flexible working situation where I could work for myself. Where I could choose and create my own hours. Where I could be open to possibility and opportunity. 

  • Where I could actually enjoy my life and earn great money to do whatever I wanted. I was bored of struggling and playing small doing stuff that wasn't meant for me. I am a big geek and rebel in equal measure...I love learning but I like to add my own twist on it. 

  • I wanted to be a mother and be present. To not just spend my life stressed, busy and wiping (definitely didn't anticipate the amount of wiping) but to actually enjoy family life; to go on adventures and create buckets of joy in my life (the miserable, box set version of me isn't particularly entertaining...but I often have a fantastic array of comfort food!)

Fast forward ten years on, I am thrilled to say this is my reality. This is not to be smug or annoying and there is a big old disclaimer coming right now... my life is not perfect all the time.

But on the whole, I am pretty content.

I have options. I have choice.

The reason I became attracted to life coaching in the first place was because I knew it could offer me a strategy. Being an actor can welcome a wishy washy approach... aka you hope that someday you maaay get a chance to do what you want and in the meantime you hang out and get a bit passive aggressive.

Instead I needed a plan. A practical solution to take me from where I was to where I wanted to get to... you know, actionable baby steps.

Despite being all Northern and a bit skeptical, it worked. I was back on track. I was suddenly back in control and on my way to carving this wonderful portfolio career I have now.

I qualified as a life coach in 2013, gaining a diploma as a Personal Performance Coach, certified by The Coaching Academy and have had the treat of coaching over 600 clients since. 

When I became a Mum in 2015- everything changed. Of course change occurred physically, emotionally and logistically I was raising a small human.

However something happened that I wasn't expected. In fact, I predicted the opposite would happen. 

My ambition grew enormously. I suddenly I became crystal clear on what I wanted my life to be like. What would light me up, how I wanted to spend my time and what I wanted to build; my business, my brand, my family, my lifestyle.

Most importantly I take daily actions that are going take me closer.

However this is not necessarily easy. Being a busy women with commitments and a full schedule I need effective strategies. Over the years I have invested so much time, money, effort and energy into my own self development so I can help others.

Change can be difficult. It can be easier to stay the same. 

Who do you help? 

Those who are ready. Of course, you are probably not going to have all the answers but you have that niggle. You know if it is time to take the first steps. You've just decided. Sometimes 'the call to me' happens after a significant change; in lifestyle or you've just had baby or you just know surely there is more to life... so you need to switch things up.

  • You are ready to create a new chapter for yourself in your work, home or life. I can help you figure out what is important to you, to help you get clear on your vision so you can get there in the quickest (often cheapest!) way. Sometimes turning the focus on yourself can be difficult; how do you know what you are good at and what you should do. Don't worry, I am excellent at providing insightful exercises and questions that will make you finally say 'Ohhhh that's it!'

  • You may be a parent like me who wants to take an opportunity to begin a new chapter; perhaps a portfolio career, starting a new business or a change direction but you need the tools to bring it all to life. You are likely to be short on time and energy (Er sleep deprivation anyone?!) so need efficient strategies that are going to get you results i.e. in your bank account ... more time with your kids. I coached parents all the times; please be assured there will be a better way for you, if you want that. It is totally possible. 

  • You may have an idea for a new business and need some support in getting it off the ground and need another point of view to keep you on track, focused and in a positive mindset. I work with many 'personal brands' and my coaching skill set expands into helping you create your head shots, figuring out your niche, knowing how to pitch and present yourself and becoming an expert in your field.  

  • You may want to create a new version of work; working towards a promotion, elevating your hobby into a money making activity, go freelance or more of a sense that 'this is working for you'. Whatever your next role is, I can help you create it. 

We all can benefit hugely from help and support. I take my own self development very seriously and work with many coaches in person and online. Being a busy mum, I need the help. I need to create the time and carve out the headspace that is just for me. When I have that, I know I am a better mum; more effective, efficient, happy and ultimately have more to give. 

The great thing is ...

We no longer have to make a decision at sixteen that will define us for the rest of our life. We can chop and change. We can make life work on our terms. We can create our own version of success across home, life and ourselves.

Surely I can figure it this out myself?!

Yes you could, but it will probably take longer. You could even speak to a mate over a bottle of wine. But change can be a tricky chap... that's why I am trained to help. 

Here's what can happen:

  • We don't know where to start so become completely we don't do anything (cue slope back to the duvet and putting the box set on!)

  • We let fear guide us- What will people think? What if it all goes wrong? What if I get found out? All the voices get in your way. Often they are simply stories and I will give you tools to deal with these pesky little gremlins.

  • We get in our own way. We tell ourselves we can't do it. We tell ourselves the 'good stuff happens' to other people. THIS IS NOT TRUE. You can do it too. You just have to get clear on what you want, I will help you build the plan to make it happen. 

  • We don't believe it is possible. We think the task is too big so we become stifled and stay where we are. I help you break it down, baby. One step at a time. 

  • We tell ourselves we don't have enough time/money/energy/confidence etc to make it happen. I help you think creativiely; to find a way, to look at alternatives (obviously without selling a kidney!)

I can help and don't worry, you are not alone, I hear these stories all the time. 

Signs that coaching may be the right support for you: 

- Feeling a bit stuck in a rut and not sure what the next step is for you

- Overwhelmed... too much to do and too little time. Your to do list is crazy long and you are at the point of being overstretched, so nothing is getting done 

- Bored: A sense that time is passing by and it is time to get back in the driver's seat. The monotony of 'routine' is starting to become stale and it is time for a shake up.

- You need to figure how who the 'new you' is. As I mentioned above, you may have experienced a significant change in your life and your landscape is now totally different

- Ready but hesitant: Many clients come to me because they know what they want (a new adventure / creating a passion project / starting a business / doing more of what they love) but they don't know where to start or need assistance to make it happen. 

I have a real pic 'n' mix of freebies to get you started and for you to get to know me better; oodles of videos and audios.

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How coaching can benefit you:

  •  You gain clarity... identifying what you want. Do you find you go round in circles and don't know where to start? When we work together, I will help you get specific so everything is aligned and you work smartly not necessarily hard. 

  • Coaching requires focus and commitment- therefore you are likely to get quicker results as you work alongside a coach.

  • You generate options- perhaps solutions/possibilities/opportunities that you haven't yet considered. 

  • You can challenge your limiting beliefs. Often my clients build confidence and let go off negative mind chatter that doesn't serve them. Unlock what is holding you back so you can move forward promptly. 

  • No more of that 'foggy head' feeling, you will have an exact process to follow as I help you break down things that are currently feeling 'huge' 'overwhelming' or 'confusing'.

  • At the end of ever session you receive a full write up so you have a plan of action to follow. 

  • You become accountable. We all can slip into 'Oh, I'll do it tomorrow/next week/when I feel ready' and then procrastination takes over so ideas are shelved. As your coach, I am invested in your results and provide measures and motivation to keep you on track. 

  • By investing in yourself, you raise the stakes and are likely to gain quicker and greater results. By moving away from 'maybe one day, I will do x, y and z' to creating an action plan with a coach you accelerate the progress. 

So there we have it. I'm sure you have many questions... so if you do and want to find out more and if we would be a good fit, just complete the form below and we can set up an introductory call to discuss your requirements further.

Please note all enquires are confidential as are all my coaching packages... it is my commitment to you as a coach.

Nicky x



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