The importance of being brave as an actor (in a business sense) | Surviving Actors

Do you remember falling over in the playground as a kid? You would try not to cry and style in out in front of your pals despite a stinging, bloody scrap. A teacher or a dinner lady would help you sort yourself out and reassuringly say ‘Now be brave’. 

When we grow up- being brave is not an intruction we hear very often. Yes, we may hear- be good or be happy or take care but not be brave. However today, I am telling you to be brave and here’s why. 

Firstly because it is time. It is your time. You may have been in this industry for a while now, years even. Things are chugging along and ok but you are nowhere near where you want to be. You would love it if things were different eh? If the auditions were regular, if you were on first name terms with casting directors and you were seeing yourself having the career you dreamed of.

This is all possible and how do I know? Because I have seen it. Often in this industry, there is a sense of someone out 'there' saying yes, when in fact, it very much starts from you. You decide how successful you become. You decide to be the best at what you do. You can decide to switch things up if you are not getting results.

The truth is we can all be frightened about being brave, standing out or being our true selves. So instead, we play it safe. We do what everyone else does and walk within the lines. Or we wait for permission or the opportunity, when in fact you can create it.

Here are five ways you can apply bravery within your acting career:-

1) Decide

Make the decision to not be like everyone else. Notice what other actors do i.e the behaviour that annoys you. Perhaps the moany or the showy nature? Then do something different. Create your own version of what an actor looks like to you.

2) Set yourself up for success

Believe are going to make this career work and you are going to achieve great things. This in itself is very brave. By admitting to yourself that you are 'all in' will encourage you to make bolder choices within your lifestyle because your eyes will be firmly on the prize- no washy washy 'let's see what happens for you...'. Knowing what you want and the direction you are going in will colour your habits, your behaviour and your mindset.

3) Take action rather than stay still

If something needs to change, get on with it and take action, rather than staying static. For instance, if you know it is time to change representation (download my step by set process here) then do it. Be strategic, be discerning, trust your instinct and get cracking.

4) Do something every day

Success is about consistency. Yes of course we all have days when life feels hard but keep going. Be the person who is still going when every one else got disheartened and gave up.

5) Create a brave environment

When we are going to the next level, it is crucial that we surround ourselves with people that support and encourage us, not those who will be quick to judge or keep us small. Start to become aware of your habits, your behaviour and mindset and make sure they are aligned to your new 'being brave' outlook.