Stuff I have done in the last six months to boost my success as an actor

I wanted to share some personal details today about my own acting career. Hopefully you will nod along so I am not the only one...?!

When I left drama school, I kind of thought the 'dream career' would find me. I would be plucked from crowd, I would hit the ground running. 

In a way I was lucky; I landed a top agent from my showcase and got two auditions- one for the BBC and another for a 3 month theatre tour. I got the theatre tour and left drama school four months early like a bad ass! :)

I thought I was set. That the tough bit was out of the way. 

How wrong I was! 

The truth is you have to have some skin in the game. You have to meet your 'dream career' halfway. It may come to you...but it may not. I am not willing to wait. 

So if you have had another rubbish week of hating your job and no auditions read on.

Often when I do 'expert' talks the attendees say; 'It is alright for you'. is easier now but I still have to do the werk werk werk werk...

So I have created a list of stuff I have done in the last 6 months. Find out what I spent, daily habits and stuff you can borrow. 

1) I have decided. I have decided to make it happen. To dedicate time, energy and space to cultivating my career. I am in the driver's seat. 

2) I read a book a week. Yep, I make sure I am reading. My brain gets a work out daily so I am sharp and can lift text off the page. 

3) I invested in new branding...I am talking hundreds of pounds. This is not to show off. But to say I am serious. No longer do I expect that a shoddy headshot will get me where I want to go. 

4) I spent £600 on a yoga membership. After having a baby (a nearly ten pound baby and an emergency C section) I needed to get strong. I needed to build my core strength, flexibility, relationship with my body. This wasn't just going to happen without some commitment, time and dedication. Now I definitely don't have my dream body but there are poses I can do now that I couldn't do before I was pregnant. I try not to look smug in the class because inevitably I fall over. 

5) I got rid of unnecessary crap; negative chat, telly programmes I didn't even enjoy, stuff that didn't make me feel good. 

6) I surround myself with images that support my dream. My office is no longer chaotic, it is strategic. I have a vision board above my I Mac so I can check in every day. 

7) I feed my mind with the good stuff; positive thoughts, energising food and loads of water. (plus booze and cake on occasion ... obviously!)

8) I ask questions. I don't sit and stew...I get out there and become curious. 

9) I am actively pro active and make decisions to do tasks that will take me closer to where I want to go. 

10) I believe. In myself, my capacities and talents. This feels bold to say this and believe me, it has taken a long time to get here but the belief in yourself can be so powerful.