How to use the summer to boost your creativity as an actor

Summertime is usually a time when the industry goes quiet. We may go away on holiday, switch off mentally and take time to recharge our batteries. A little reflection and consideration can be highly effective. Sometimes being an actor can feel like a relentless race; always having to be ‘on stand by’, ready to go and on our game when actually what we need is to take a step back so we can work smartly on our return. 

Here are five ways you can boost your creativity during the quiet times so you are raring to go when September comes around. 


1. Communicate with your agent

If you are going away, make sure you still have a form of communication. Agree when you will be checking messages and what works best i.e email so you are still in the loop but equally can relax and enjoy your time. 

2. Sleep

Don’t apologise for it. Relax, snooze, lie in and recuperate. We don’t do it enough. I can’t wait to read Arianna Huffington’s book which talks all about the benefits of sleep.

3. Write

The refreshed ‘you’ may find you have lots of ideas and momentum during these chilled time so write them down. Don’t worry about the ideas being fully formed or perfectly mapped out, just start scribbling. A great exercise to get your creative juices flowing is ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if….’

4. Pick one

With an abundance of ideas and oodles of enthusiasm, it can be easy to become stifled and unproductive. So pick one. Get cracking and start to move forward. 

5. Build your creative tool kit that is going to support your creativity

Consider your environment, your network, your interactions, your habits and your daily inspiration. Even if you haven’t lost your creative mojo, start with one small step that is going to get you back on track. 

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