2016- how was it for you?

Coming to the end of another year can be a reflective time for an actor. Some years we may feel pumped, invigorated and ready for the following year. Other times just a bit flat and disappointed. We can blame the economical climate, our agent or a lack of opportunity but I want to arm you with actions you can take that you are in control of to help you move forward. 

1) Your successes / what do you feel proud of?

This is your version of this- try not to compare yourself to others' successes. However small, write it down. 

2) Any disappointments?

When you access the year, what didn't go to plan? What could have gone better? What would you have changed? Acknowledge these incidents, write them down in their entirety. By fully exploring them and getting clear on the detail will put you in a strong position to move forward. 

3) What went really well?

Time to give yourself a pat on the back. Think about the external successes but also consider the internal shifts you have made; perhaps you have conquered a bad habit or changed a pattern of behaviour or welcomed a new healthy lifestyle.

4) What do you want more of? 

So over the next few months what would you like to achieve? What are the areas you would like to expand? 

5) What would you like to leave in 2016?

I want you to have more than enough space for everything you would like in your life so you need to remain uncluttered. So time for a cull; what do you need to eliminate?