Success as an actor starts today…

What have you done today? We are now in the second half of 2017, so if you are not in the position you want to be, you need to take action. 

I want you to run through your day in your head and have a think about all the tasks you have completed today. 

Who did you speak to? What did you do and most importantly what steps did you take that helped your career? 

I’ll be honest if I think back to my own career there are days where I didn’t take daily consistent action. I waited. I told myself I wasn’t ready. I put the responsibility on my agent. I convinced myself that the industry was quiet. 

In fact these were all fibs. They gave me an excuse to be lazy. 

Acting can feel a bit boring on our own. If we are out of the rhythm of performing and haven’t done anything for a while, it can be really easy to feel stuck and unmotivated. 

That is what happened to me and I consciously had to decide to do something about it and get back into the groove. 

We know this industry is highly competitive but you will be surprised (and pleased) to know how few actors are willing to do the work; to show up, to move out of their comfort zone and make it happen. 

When I was an agent, I lost count of the number of times actors missed opportunities; not because they weren’t talented, they were…in a big way. 

It was more on a practical level, there was a lack of readiness to do the work. To get actually get to the nitty gritty of what was involved…instead being stuck into the drama of’ How many people are they seeing?’ or ‘Shall I wear my hair straight or curly?’ or ‘I’m not sure if this is the exact job for me’

It is really important that you work it (yes rock star styleee) and hone your craft and exercise it like a muscle. 

The nature of the acting business is that you never know when you are going to be called, when the phone will ring or when you may get your dream audition, so it is your responsibility to always ‘be ready’

I want you to be the best in the casting room and to leave the casting director with the thought of ‘Wow, they were good!’. 

I want you to be the actor who your agent calls on at the last minute. Someone who is reliable, sharp and ready to go.

Here are 5 strategies to help you get started. 

1) What would be your biggest win? What is going to make the greatest difference in your career?What is lacking? New head shots? Updated CV? A useable showreel? Or maybe it is audition technique or an injection of confidence.

2) Get the help you need…you can find out more about my Success toolkit for actors here

Start brainstorming. What do you need? What is missing for you?

3) Set a deadline for yourself. When do you want to complete by? So if it is new head shots…what is your own deadline? Mark it in your diary and book the appointment. 

4) What are you going to do tomorrow? Sometimes if we make a distant deadline we only get started a week before hand….so start now. Make a list, create a plan and map out what you are going to do.

5) Focus on what you can do rather than what you can't. Don't get stuck in all the things that are not in your control. Get your creative thinking head… could you make it work? What could you do? 

Go for it!

Here’s a sentence I never thought I would say …’I am looking forward to being an astrophysicist for 3 days next week’

I am chuckling as I write this. Plus I keep having to spell check it :) 

Yep, it’s true… next week I have an acting job and I am playing an astrophysicist for three days. 

The reason I find it so amusing is because I was soooo rubbish at science. 

I was in the top set for everything but in science I was definitely at the bottom of the class, perching awkwardly on a lab stool (I was a real shorty at school (and still am) so getting up and getting comfy was an experiment in itself) spending most of the class thinking ‘ehhhh?!’

As I do lots of things; actor, coach, writer, speaker and mama, my days are varied. Due to the creative nature of my work, I never know what is going to pop up in my inbox and I find this so exciting. 

When the audition came in last week, I could have easily convinced myself it wasn’t for me/ it wasn’t worth my time/ I was hopeless at science at school so I wouldn’t stand a chance… 

But instead I smiled and thought ‘That would be fun’. I took that attitude into the casting room. The casting went brilliantly, the team were lovely and encouraging and the actors I cast with were great to work with. 

Often during my client sessions the vision is clear. The clients knows the vision. But often it is the pesky limiting beliefs that get in the way

The limiting beliefs that pop up every time‘I am too young / old / fat / thin / inexperienced / uncool / busy / tired / unqualified / shy

Sound familiar? 

FYI we all have our version of these and many of mine are still a work in progress…although I am pleased to say I have banished many of them because frankly they just get in my way. 

Another observation is that these limiting beliefs are OLD. I figured out the last time I was in a science class was May 1998. Almost 20 years ago. I have done a lot of living since then- who I was then is not a reflection of who I am now!

So my question for you is what limiting beliefs are getting in your way? Where are you playing small? Where are you doubting yourself? 

Don’t worry in my sessions, I give you practical tools to move past these so you actually do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. 

I love what I do and I love how quickly changes can be made. 

I will of course share more pictures and footage as and when I can. 

How to break out

Feeling rubbish is not an option you have to endure…

‘Put up and shut up’

‘Be seen and not heard’

‘Do what you have always done’

‘You are the type of person who does x,y and z’ ‘We are all in this together…. (or are we?!’)

‘She’s was only joking (aka being mean and a little passive aggressive)’

Making changes in our life often have a ripple effect… it’s like when you start decorating a room or buying something new for your wardrobe suddenly everything you had before doesn’t quite align or maybe doesn’t feel like you anymore. 

That is ok. 

In fact awareness and permission is everything. 
We know when it is time to leave, shift, say no, switch off, ignore, offer an alternative. For me I feel it physically in my body. My appetite changes. I lose sleep. My random headaches appear and I am forced to get into bed. 

The awareness kicks in; knowing something isn’t quite right.

But it is permission that keeps us in the old groups, conversations, jobs, locations…

‘Wellll maybe this is it for me…’

‘Life is ok so maybe I should stay’

‘I don’t want to be rude’

‘These don’t exactly feel like my people… but they may think I am weird if I leave the group’

Your permission is granted…

1) Say no

2) Leave the group

3) Create your own

4) Do what you need to do to feel inspired once again

5) Have a tool box of replies that make you feel empowered ‘ I know you probably didn’t mean that comment but making a joke there makes me rubbish…’

6) You can change at anytime

7) Decide on what you need and take the first step

8) Build brilliant boundaries

9) Be kind and fair

10) You only have one life and you can choose how you spend it.

Which people should you surround yourself with as an actor?

As an actor your time can be limited, so how should you spend it? Who should you get to know? Which workshops should you attend? It can be so confusing.

So I have created a 5 step strategy plan for you so you can gain clarity, build momentum and ultimately move forward. 

My top ten takeaways from my workshop with Casting Days

Being an actor can welcome ALL THE EMOTIONS but yet there is always an underlying need/want to succeed.

But we all need support in order to do this.

I recently hosted a workshop for actors in association with Casting Days; all about going to the next level.

It was an amazing group... I always end up learning so much too.

Here are some takeaways from the day...

Get my free course:

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Where is my dream- is it on its way?

Do you ever suffer from impatience? Yes, me too. We now live in such a fast paced world – we don’t like to wait a second.

So you have done the work i.e you know what you are going for. You know what your dream or goal is. You exactly what it is looks like. But where is it? Most importantly is it near or at least on its way?

You’ve probably taken a lot of action up until now.

You have overcome some hurdles, had some successes and stepped out of your comfortable zone. It may have been a challenging time so you are keen to see results now.

You are now at the point where you may be starting to question things and doubt may be starting to set in? Is it worth it? Is all the effort going to pay off?  Or should I just stay as I am? 

Never fear…

Here are five strategies to help you keep the vibes high and speed up the process.


This is absolutely key. You have to keep believing and this starts from the moment you wake up in the morning. Take some time to take stock. Mornings are notoriously busy- but keeping a positive mindset can have tremendous results on your day. Notice what you are saying to yourself- are you being kind? Eliminate anything that makes you feel negative or stuck and do what feels good for you.

2.Get even clearer

You will probably know what you want to achieve- now I want you to drill the goal down to a simple sentence. By x date I will be x. So if you feel stuck throughout the day this short sentence can help you regain focus. It will also be a measure for decisions if you receive an opportunity. Will this take me closer to my goal?

3.Start a daily habit

You may have been taking consistent action that is going to take you closer to your goal, but what if you started to do something every day. How would that change things?  Look at your diary for the week ahead and schedule daily actions. Notice the results every night so you can keep track of what is effective.

4. Do something different

You may have heard of the phrase- throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks? It’s now time to get throwing…. Try something new. Let your imagination run wild.

5. Start a sentence with ‘what’

Following on from step four, I want you to start to brainstorm alternative ideas and play around with them. What if someone gave you £100- what would you do then? If you had a free day with no commitments- how could you use it to get closer to your goal? If you could interview with your role model, what would you ask them? What help could they give you? What if? In exploring these options you may find you can execute the ideas ie you can find an extra £100 or your role model may have a book or an audio you could purchase.

I would love to hear about your progress. 

Interview with Matt Selby | Part One

Today I have a very special video for you and this is only part one. 

If you have cast for commercials hopefully you have met Matt Selby who is a partner of Belinda Norcliffe Casting

He is wonderfully supportive, a real champion of actors, knowledgable and an all round nice guy. 

I was lucky enough to chat with him after his castings in Soho... you don't want to miss it...


It was 2010.

The brilliant @joannachristie5 is amazing at rallying the troops and pulling together her group of talented pals. We had all been acting for years but it was time to put some creativity back into it.

That year 'The Squat Collective' produced two sell out shows; one in Kings Cross and one in the church next to Bethnal Green tube (it was an immersive wedding!)

We had little budget but big dollops of enthusiasm, passion and 'let's do this'. If you are not getting what you want; the platform, the permission, the opportunity. Please create it. If that feels too scary, collaborate. I never wait for permission 'Yes I think you should write your blog/book now' Frankly no one really cares and is too busy concentrating on their own life. So step out, step up and make it happen. I know I am waiting for what you have to create; your story and your experience. Don't be afraid to do your own thing... big love to @joannachristie5 @natashapring@thebishbosh @mr_ben_mars@amwright2012 XXX

It took becoming an agent to fully understand this (Why didn’t anyone tell me?!)

What I am about to share with you could change everything. 

Why didn’t anyone tell me…?!

Here are some of the beliefs that I had: 

When I left drama school, I would be different. I would never be out of work because I would work really hard. 

I didn’t really need to earn loads of money…I trained as an actor which was my dream so money necessary…

I was just grateful to work…payment is not an issue. I beat the competition…er yeah for a job that wasn’t paying me!

Surely I couldn’t be creative and earn well…I had to struggle. 

Being an ‘artist’ is cool, I don’t want to be too corporate. 

When I write these, I realise two things. Firstly many are not true. They are not factual. They were simply stories in my head. Secondly I wasn’t helping myself and I certainly wasn’t helping my agent. 

Here’s why…

I have been an actor that has struggled. I have had the ‘Oh shit- I don’t know how I am going to pay my rent this month’ 2am wake up call and the actor who has been stuck in day jobs that have made me feel rubbish, lost and disheartened.A great energy to take into a casting room? 

I have also been an agent. I have seen how essential it is for an actor to have a job that works for them (pays their bills, keeps them comfortable, provides them with options) and for an agent to represent an actor who is comfortable, secure and open.

This industry is ever changing and you never know when the next opportunity is going to zip around the corner so you want to be in a position to receive it.

You place an enormous amount of trust in an agent, understanding they will nourish and nurture your career and provide fruitful opportunities.

It is crucial an agent also has trust in you. That you are level headed, reliable and deliver the goods. An agent understands that acting can be a hard, financial game, but also needs to know you have options to invest in yourself, so he/she can do their job and propel you to the next level.

The agent is looking at your profile on a daily basis but also has a great understanding of what breakdowns are arriving in their inbox. They can see where the gaps are- i.e. ‘You don’t have a headshot to represent X side of your personality’ or you need to attend X workshop with a certain casting director as you are a perfect fit for a future project.

It is your responsibility to leave yourself with financial options so you can fulfil these requests, not to ignore the email or brush your agent off with ‘I haven’t got any money at the moment’. This will not accelerate your career. 

It is ok not to struggle. You don’t have to hate the times between acting. You can enjoy them. Both worlds can fuel and nurture each other. What blocks do you put on yourself? It is a fresh new week so I am extending the offer until tonight. I have all the tools to help you and they are waiting for you. Please don’t email me saying ‘I just don’t know what to do’ You have to figure out a better question. You have to identify what you need help with and be willing to ‘do the work!’. 

One of the worst jobs I have had...working in a crisp factory

Have you worked some horrendous jobs to support your acting career?

The worse by far was working in a Crisp Factory (apparently I had a lucky escape, at least it wasn’t the burger factory...blood around your ankles anyone?!)

This most definitely fitted into the category of ‘character building’ as our parents may say. I had finished my A Levels and a long summer stretched ahead until I went to Drama School, so with limited options in a small town, I headed to the factory of crisps.

It was shift work- 2pm-10pm and the majority of that time was spent clock watching and playing tricks on yourself... “Ok, I am definitely not going to look at the clock for another 45 minutes...aarrrgh 11 minutes... seriously”.

It was mind numbing work; packing boxes, stacking boxes and moving boxes all for £2 something an hour, if I remember correctly. I had one particularly hideous day where I was allocated to work in ‘Potato land’ - I affectionately named it this to stop myself from going quietly insane.

I was partnered with a man who looked like he had been in Potato land for around 140 years. As we watched the conveyer belt present a constant flow of potatoes, it was our job to cut the big ones in half and throw the bad ones. He provided a soundtrack of ‘That’s a biggun’ and ‘That’s a badun’ for the duration of the day which made me want to scream.

There can be another way... you could be your own boss but your own boss on your terms...